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Juice press, also known as a fruit press or vegetable press, is a device that is used for separating pulp and other non-juice materials from fruits or vegetables.

This e-book will teach you how to make a manual juice press. This juice press can be used in combination with your Champion Juicer. Which works almost as good as the Norwalk Juicer, for a less expensive price. The Champion Juicer or K & K Grinder along with a juice press are the only 2 types of juicer/press setups that come close to the way the Norwalk Juicer works. These two juicers grind the fruits and vegetables without destroying the enzymes and nutrients into a pulp. Then allowing you to use a juicer press to squeeze out the juice leaving behind all the pulp and fiber. This is necessary to allow your body to assimilate everything needed from the organic fruits and vegetables at a fast and high rate. The juice goes directly into your blood stream providing much needed help for a nutrient depleted body. The Gerson therapy gives their patients 13 organic vegetable juice glasses a day. Over or around 22 lbs of vegetables. There is no way the body can properly digest this amount every day. Since the freshly pressed juice has no fiber or hard material in it your body does not have to waste energy or burn up nutrients in the digestion process. This is why Dr. Max gerson implemented this in his therapy, knowing that sick patients would not have what it took to properly digest all the vegetables needed to bring their body back to health. It is truly your body that when brought back to health is able to properly defeat any sickness ailing it. We are perfect creation from a perfect creator.     

Juicer Press Process

This is a two step juicing process, the first part is the grinding part accomplished by the Champion Juicer in my case. The second part is the pressing done by this Juice press. Like the Norwalk the vegetables are first grounded into a pulp or paste then pressed with a juicer press. The champion juicer is able to be used in two different types of applications. The first application is for regular juicing, the metal screen with the holes in it is used to accomplish this. The other one is the one we want to use which just grinds the material into a paste or pulp, the plastic whole screen is used for this. We do not want to juice using the one step process, we want to first grind then press all the juice out. The juicer press leaves you with high amount of juice assuring all is taken out of the pulp. A juice press runs about $300.00 to $400.00 dollars. I wish I could get one but I just do not have that money, so I opted for making one on my own. The juice press in this e-book cost around $50 to Less than $100 dollars to make. Health is a more than important part in our lives. If we are to juice we must juice the correct way and not drink juices that are dead and destroyed before we have even begun to drink them. There are many nice juice presses out there and once finished i know this juicer press is one of them. The cost of this e-book is $4.99 and it will more than pay for itself in money and in health. After your purchase you can download this e-book INSTANTLY. 

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